Our company is founded on the principle of IDEAL relationships. With our customers, our suppliers, our community and most importantly, our employees.


A career with IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC. means you are part of a family. Literally. Because while we are a multi-national corporation, at our heart we are a family-owned business. And, like any good family, we put people first.


Don’t be mistaken. We expect the highest levels of integrity and performance from every one of our employees. It’s how we’ve managed to fuel this company’s breathtaking momentum. But in return, we will help you achieve your fullest potential possible.


This is an exciting, dynamic, friendly company with global reach and growth – we’d love for you to explore the opportunities.


IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.



Our culture and values originate from a rich history of being a family-owned business built by integrity, trust & respectful relationships.

These elements are the cornerstone of our culture.



People are the foundation of IDEAL INDUSTRIES. We strive to ensure that every member of the IDEAL INDUSTRIES family is valued as an individual and treated with fairness, dignity and respect. We expect the very highest levels of performance and integrity from our employees, but we also strive to create opportunities for those employees to develop and reach the heights of their own potential.


We believe in the importance of generating profit and increasing shareholder value while also fostering a culture committed to the long term. Profit is a necessary part of sustaining a successful business that benefits every stakeholder—employees, customers, shareholders and communities included. We strive to generate profits while pursuing the highest ethical standards in every aspect of our business, from how we operate to how we take responsibility for our actions.


At IDEAL INDUSTRIES, we aim to manage not only the assets and performance of our business, but also its rich family heritage, the long-term sustainability of the family business, and our proud company culture overall.


We strive for excellence in everything we do, constantly seeking to evolve and improve our business practices to bring our customers the most exceptional products and services possible. This comprehensive commitment to excellence can be seen in each of our products, services, manufacturing practices and people.


IDEAL INDUSTRIES depends on and takes pride in cultivating valuable relationships with every customer, business partner, employee and community we work with. We are a business that is dedicated to building and maintaining strong, mutually beneficial relationships and we're proud to have a family heritage that reaffirms our culture and the way we treat others.


IDEAL INDUSTRIES values openness and honesty in the way we do business. We're committed to proactively communicating our successes while also identifying potential areas of improvement across the organization.

                                                 Hear From Our Employees


Ask anyone who works at IDEAL to describe the company, and you’ll hear words like “refreshing” and “entrepreneurial.” From our top engineers and industrial designers to IDEAL product experts working in the field, and every role in between, creative freedom and collaboration allows every IDEAL team member to thrive.

We value our people and their commitment to excellence, which is why we encourage employees to continue their education. To assist in that goal, we offer school tuition starting day one of employment.


IDEAL helps you get a jump start on retirement planning with our various programs. We offer a 401k program with generous matching and makes an investment in your retirement with a Cash Balance pension contribution.


 IDEAL Parental Leave supports all types of family formation, including childbirth, adoption and fostering, starting from the first day of employment. This policy underscores our commitment to helping its employees achieve a healthy, work-life balance.

We are committed to building an IDEAL world, which is why giving back to the community is so important to us. To encourage employee volunteering, we offer two paid volunteer days per year for employees to donate to a worthy cause of their choice.


You perform best when you feel best – which is why IDEAL strongly values our employees’ health. Through our EAP, we offer access to free mental health services.