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The IDEAL INDUSTRIES Foundation invests in philanthropic solutions to issues impacting IDEAL and its employees, communities, and customers, increasing equitability and prosperity for all.

Built upon a commitment to good corporate citizenship and to honor its founder, J. Walter Becker’s belief in the importance of strong relationships, the IDEAL Industries Foundation has been making grants to improve quality of life since 1985. Currently, the Foundation’s work focuses on two areas: supporting social service organizations within DeKalb County, Illinois, and working to increase participation by women and minorities in the electrical trades.




In 1985 as CEO and Chairman of the Board, third generation family member Dave Juday created the IDEAL INDUSTRIES Foundation to formalize the company’s historically expansive approach to corporate citizenship. Building off IDEAL Founder J. Walter Becker’s belief in the importance of relationships with anyone associated with the company and his philosophy of “Live, and let live, and help live”, for over 35 years the Foundation has stewarded and distributed corporate philanthropy, aided by a legacy bequest from second generation family members E.T. and Jean B. Juday in 2014.

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The IDEAL Industries Foundation operates by invitation and does not accept unsolicited requests for grant funding.

If you are a nonprofit requesting an in kind donation for IDEAL products.

If you are requesting corporate sponsorship from IDEAL Industries.

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